EagleRider Landing Page Redesigns

I was asked to design several landing pages for a company called Eagle Rider. They are based in Southern California and are known for motorcycle rentals and tours. I was asked to create and conceive a visual design/layout which took about three days to complete. Although I didn’t win the bid, I enjoyed the design process. In addition, even though my time was limited, I enjoyed the challenge.

Index Page for Eagle Rider


Cooking with Miguel

Here is another website I designed for a chef who works for UCLA. He wants to have a live program called Cooking with Miguel.  This layout is based on a three column div. It’s still a work in progress.

Midterm Project/Two Column Layout

This is a twenty one page website I designed for a not for profit. It was a huge project.  This took about six months to complete. What you’re looking at are four pages I designed for this site. The Company is called Vital Options International. I also designed the logo called “The Group Room” which is featured throughout their site. You can visit the site at the http://thegrouproom.tv/.                                                                     Two Column Layout
Two Column Structure

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

In my research, user functionality plays an important role in the implementation of a website. More importantly, I’ve come to understand a web site’s environment aids in the implementation of marketing. For example, products, services, and information are what people are looking for. All four websites (Talk the Walk, The Wise Girls, The Festival Sundance, and The Africa Oasis Project) are in line with this method with the exception of one.  Each site was pretty consistent and clear. However, I found The National Breast Cancer site to be very overwhelming.  I noticed as the user clicks on a specific navigation button, it takes him/her to another page with additional navigation buttons on the side. Each page has a navigation side bar as no one side bar is identical to the previous. This site, in particular, holds a lot of information which I find overwhelming if you’re looking for something specific.

Talk the Walk web site, has a nice look and feel. It’s all done in black and white, while clean and simple. I like the font choices and its navigation layout. However this site is currently under construction, but I thought this would be a good example of a web site that offers a clean environment.

The Wise Girls web site is also simple and clean.  The moment I saw this, I wanted to travel to this location. I like the placement of navigation – it’s horizontal, and the font is a serif which looks to me like Trajon Pro. The site has a global feel, which leads the consumer to believe this is an international site. It has a donation  button and offers services to clients who choose to join the organization. Over-all, I like the look, feel, and layout of this site.

The Festival Sundance web site, looks a little complicated. It’s filled with a lot of content on the first page. It offers good information, however, the user will spend a lot a time rummaging through the sight to find answers. I have also noticed how background elements change every time the user goes to a new page. Isn’t that a bad idea? I was taught to stay consistent.

The Africa Oasis Project web site has a lot to offer. Like the layout and use of graphic elements. Horizontal navigation and no side bars. Pages are consistent and to the point.

In closing,  the web sites I reviewed did not have site maps. Why is that? I would think if these web sites are not for profit, they would want to have a site that can be easily discovered through Google’s search engine to help with crawling.






MoMA Project/Design Navigation

This is my design navigation for my MoMA assignment so far. I decided to design  horizontal sub-navigation so my users will know where they are.  As the user travels to a new page, the navigation buttons will define what page the user is on, which will make for less confusion in their search process.






Two Column Structure Assignment

So here is my “Two Column Div ” assignment. I searched several web sites and happened upon several I really liked. Anthropolgie is one of my favorites. However, I’m really into home design and saw one in particular that really struck my fancy. Here is the web address: http://www.doughill.com. I created a web site using a two column structure using div tags. Div’s are not limiting like tables. Tables only allow for specific placement. For example, top, center bottom, etc. Through my experience, I found div’s to be very useful for placing content and images anywhere on the the page.  I also like how CSS allows us to change content on the fly;  margins, positioning, look (changing font), and placement.  You can view my ” Two Column Structure” by  pasting the following link into your browser:   kathleenfordsite.com/karlabeasleyinteriors/index.html.

In addition to our “Two Column Div” assignment, I found a  link that talks about  “Processing Blogs” about a quarter a page down. It’s called “Applying Forms Follows Function to Web Design”. Reference link at : http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/03/23/does-form-follow-function/#more-34834. However, it talks more about the use of  “form” that follows “functionality” and give examples of Google, and Craigslist – sites that are less aesthetic but are simple and functional.  I’m not sure if this falls under the guise of two columns and div structure,  but this was useful information for me in the development of web sites I plan on building in the future.

Wire Frame

This is a wire frame I designed for a not for profit. I wanted to keep it simple so the programmers/IT people would be able to simply follow the design of the site.